HAC National Conference set for Feb. 11-12


As the global economy stutters and starts with alarming unpredictability, the tourism industry will once again turn to the Hotel Association of Canada for advice on how to build and maintain sustainable businesses.

The 100-year-old association, which represents more than 8,500 hotels, motels and resorts in the country’s $17-billion lodging industry, will focus on deep consumer insight as it hosts its annual conference in Toronto on Feb. 11-12.

The following are four reasons not miss this conference:

!!! FORD FOCUS: Sheryl Connelly is a sought after speaker, and for good reason. As manager of global trends and futuring at Ford Motor Company, she’s tasked with predicting consumer behaviour way before there are any obvious clues. She doesn’t use a crystal ball — she relies on equal parts traditional collaboration and futuristic data analysis to drive the company’s success for years to come. Her insights into social and economic shifts form the basis of the company’s planning, and she will share them as the conference’s keynote speaker.

!!! GENERATION GAP: This is the first time in history that a 20-year-old could find themselves working on equal terms alongside a 70-year-old. Curt Steinhorst, a seasoned speaker and communications expert who also works with the Center for Generational Kinetics, will talk about the differences between the different age groups (matures, baby boomers, generation X and generation Y) as well as provide insights into their priorities to highlight (with humour and data) what they bring to the workforce and how to build teams that work together effectively.

!!! BIG SALES, SMALL SPEND: Bill Todd understands what every business owner wants to know — how to out-sell, out-market and out-negotiate the competition without having to outspend them. He is the co-author (along with Stephen Covey) of Speaking of Success, and an energetic and funny motivational speaker who relies on fact over anecdote in his popular presentations. Delegates also receive a free 30-minute follow-up via webcast or teleconference and a copy of all the materials used the in presentation.

!!! AND MORE: The program is packed with sessions intended to deepen understanding of trends and consumer behaviour, including perspectives on mobile marketing from Eric Morris at Google and panels intended to drive profits and enhance the guest experience.