Half-day rates, free lunch at Waikiki Ocean Club

Day-long guests of Waikiki Ocean Club, the popular floating playground that is moored in the waters off Waikiki, will now receive a free lunch, including entrée, chips and soft drink. In addition, the attraction has introduced a half-day rate of $49 for guests who want the flexibility of a four-hour introduction to the many activities on board, including snorkelling, trampoline, stand-up paddling, slides, helmet diving and even PADI-certified scuba lessons. Childrens’ rates are $39. Waikiki Ocean Club has recently partnered with Waikiki Trolley to provide complimentary round-trip transportation for guests from throughout Waikiki to the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where the water shuttles to the Club depart. Moored 100 metres offshore, the Waikiki Ocean Club offers a wide array of ocean-related activities for both the active thrill-seeker and the sun-bathing pleasure-seeker. The club operates 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and a full bar and lunch menu are available. The cost for a full day on board is $89 for adults. (http://www.waikikioceanclub.com)