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Happy 20th Softvoyage!

Twenty years in the travel business is an eternity. Twenty years in the travel technology business is something more than an eternity.

So it’s no wonder that the gang at Softvoyage hosted a celebration for about 110 of its travel agency and tour operator partners in Toronto last night (May 23) and they did it in a big way at the top of Toronto’s CN Tower.

Co-founders Moise Levy and Steve Ringuet along with its growing team were hosts of the evening and Levy, when asked about the last 20 years, was quick to point out there have been a lot of changes, noting that the Internet has “reshaped” not just travel but the world.

As for how Softvoyage has been such a successful travel technology company, Levy told PressToday that it “followed the trends” and always work to support its travel agency and tour operator clients with its technology.

In fact, he added, the company made sure over the past two decades that it built technology that supported both its agency and tour operator customers.

Asked about the next 20 years, Levy smiled, and observed that Softvoyage will continue to do what its been doing for the past 20 years and that’s build technology that serves the needs of its travel agency and tour operator customers.

Congratulations, Softvoyage.

In the photo

Pictured, top photo, (l-r) atop Toronto’s CN Tower are Softvoyage’s Dan Langevin with co-founders, Steve Ringuet and Moise Levy.


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