Hari Raya Celebration a Slice of Malaysian Culture

Malaysian cuisine was the central attraction at a recent cultural celebration hosted by the Malaysian consul general in Vancouver.

Shamsul Nizam bin Shamsuddin welcomed a big turnout of business partners, tourism operators, journalists and friends to his backyard for the culinary gathering named Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It marks the end of the Ramadan month of fasting that is observed by Muslim communities around the world. In the case of Malaysia, it comes with generous servings of some of the best-tasting dishes on the planet.

Hari Raya is a great way to open a door on the culture of Malaysia, whose cultural attractions are responsible for generating significant visitor numbers and revenues in the past three years.

More than 17 million visitors participated in cultural tourism programs last year and that number is expected to rise, said tourism, arts and culture minister Mohamaddin Ketapi.

“Practices and ways of life, performing arts and handicraft products are attractions which can be promoted to generate income for the country. The increase in visitors seen annually is a testimony to that achievement,” said Ketapi.

An example of this is the recently opened Alharamain International Exhibition in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It is themed as “A Journey over Thousands of Years” and features Islamic art collections from over 1,400 years ago. It will operate until July 21.

Pictured, Consul General of Malaysia Shamsul Nizam bin Shamsuddin (r) and his wife Mastura binti Mansor (l) receive traditional family greetings from their sons Shahim Aiman bin Shamsul Nizam (centre left) and Shahir Adam bin Shamsul Nizam during a recent Hari Raya culinary celebration.