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Hawaii Drenched, Hurricane Lane Still A Major Threat


Hurricane Lane, downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, continues to pose a significant threat to Hawaii as it spreads torrential rain, strong wind gusts and pounding surf across the islands of Hawaii into the weekend.

It’s reported tropical storm conditions will continue on the Big Island throughout the day (Aug. 23) and spread northwestward across the rest of the islands through the weekend. Rainfall is already causing significant flooding and debris flows.

Lane has dropped more than 31 inches of rain is some areas and has already caused flooding, landslides and road closures on parts of the Big Island. Forecasters say 10 to 40 inches of rain could fall on parts of the islands by the time the hurricane moves away and while the storm may weaken today and tomorrow, it is still expected to be remain a dangerous hurricane.

While it’s unclear if the islands will get a direct hit, the US National Weather Service says the hurricane could bring “significant and life-threatening flash flooding and landslides” over the weekend.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority continues to monitor the track of Hurricane Lane and is advising residents and visitors to shelter in place while the storm passes and to have access to a 14-day supply of food and water. Shelters are being opened statewide for those needing to evacuate flood zone areas.

Visitors planning to travel to or who are already in Hawaii should contact their airlines, accommodations and activity providers for information on being prepared and make adjustments to travel plans as needed.


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