Hawaiian Airlines honoured

Hawaiian Airlines has earned the airline industry’s first-ever verified aviation carbon credits for its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Since 2005, Hawaiian has used an eco-friendly engine washing technology on its aircraft, the result of which has been a reduction of nearly 22,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions overall since then. This is the equivalent of removing 700 cars from the roadways annually. “We are proud to be the first airline to receive verified carbon credits for reducing emissions,”said Mark Dunkerley, president of Hawaiian Airlines. “Engine washing with EcoPower is helping us to mitigate rising fuel costs and significantly reduce Hawaiian’s carbon footprint at the same time.”The EcoPower system reduces fuel burn and eliminates three pounds of CO2 for every pound of fuel saved, while also reducing engine temperatures and normal wear. It uses pure, atomized water to wash aircraft engines in a closed-loop system that filters contaminants and reuses water, eliminating potential contaminant runoff. (