Health Insurance Needed To Enter Belize

The Belize Tourism Board is advising that in an effort to further protect the health and well-being of international visitors and Belizeans from COVID-19, it has released new safe travel standards for any persons entering the country.

Effective Feb. 15, 2022, all visitors are required to apply for Belize Travel Health Insurance – a mandatory insurance that helps protect travellers against incurred medical and non-medical expenses if they test positive for COVID-19 during their stay in Belize.

The cost of the policy is US$18 and it provides coverage for up to US$50,000 in medical expenses related to treatment of COVID-19 for a period of 21 days. This insurance plan will come online under the country’s public health regulations and provide coverage for lodging expenses due to quarantine up to US$2,000 (max US$300/day).

Travellers will also be covered for emergency assistance services such as air evacuation and emergency expenses related to pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, it covers trip cancellations and expenses incurred by COVID-19 positive travelers for extended stays.

Some important entry highlights are listed below:

  • It is recommended that travellers purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance prior to their travel to Belize; however, purchases can be made upon arrival at the Philip Goldson International Airport or at Belize’s land borders
  • Visitors must purchase Belize Travel Health Insurance and are required to complete the Customs and Immigration form that is provided on all flights to Belize.
  • Exempted from this mandatory insurance are Belizean nationals, permanent residents and travellers with QRP or Long Stay status and flight crews.
  • All international tourists must book accommodations at a Gold Standard property and present confirmation at immigration.
  • All travellers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, entering Belize through the Philip Goldson International Airport from other countries will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test.
  • If no test is presented, a COVID-19 test will be administered at the airport for a fee of US$50 per passenger. Children under the age of 5 years will not be required to present a negative test.

In the past year, Belize has implemented several traveller protocols to keep visitors feeling safe, including the Tourism Gold Standard Program and Travel Belize app, which enables travellers to seamlessly plan their vacation with certified hotels and tour operators (an entry requirement).

The new Travel Health Insurance mandate underscores Belize’s commitment to health and safety, enhancing travel confidence and giving visitors peace of mind to schedule that well-deserved vacation for 2022 and beyond.