Health Measures Enhanced With Transat’s Traveller Care

As it prepares to gradually resume operations on July 23, 2020, Transat is committed to providing a simple and safe travel experience at every step.

To that end, the company is inviting travellers to familiarize themselves with the health and safety measures of its Traveller Care program, which are regularly updated in compliance with recommendations issued by regulatory authorities. It has also assembled a new comprehensive practical guide full of tips to help travellers prepare for their trips and travel with peace of mind.

Annick Guérard, chief operating officer of Transat, explained that: “We know that travelling in the age of COVID-19 raises all sorts of questions and concerns that can hinder the traveller,” says. “Therefore, as part of our health and safety program, we are giving easy access to all the resources and information needed to simplify the planning of a trip, reinforcing our status as a leader in leisure travel.”

It can be difficult for travellers and travel agents to navigate all the changes and recommendations resulting from COVID-19. To help them prepare for trips and familiarize themselves with the new practices to adopt, Transat presents a guide as a practical tool.

Through a series of tips and a recap of the health measures to follow, the guide answers the most common questions travellers might have, including what to check before departure, how to ensure that check-in and boarding go smoothly, what to do if they are denied boarding, how to limit contact, and what new procedures to respect at destination.

The guide is available now on Transat’s website at