Helping Find Canada’s Missing Children


In recognition of International Missing Children’s Day, WestJet and the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) are asking Canadians to join the world’s largest online search party by donating their social media feeds to the Most Valuable Network.

The goal is for 41,342 new users to sign up – one new user for each child reported missing in one year. The first hours after a child goes missing are crucial to their safe recovery, which is why it’s so important to spread the word quickly through social media.

“Caring for children is a priority for us,” said Jenifer Badry, WestJet Team Lead, Community Investment. “We believe it is integral to spotlight our WestJet Cares for Kids partner, MCSC, and encourage WestJetters and Canadians to join us in proactively taking care of the most vulnerable among us – children. Through the Most Valuable Network we believe that we can actually put an end to child abductions. If a person knew that millions of people in the social world were watching they may be less inclined to take a child.”

Created in partnership with Microsoft, the Most Valuable Network allows MCSC to automatically post missing children alerts to the user’s donated Facebook or Twitter account for followers, fans and friends to view. When an alert is issued, the viral power of social media enables MCSC to reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians within mere moments of an alert going out. To join the network, go to and click on the Facebook and Twitter icons to donate your social media feeds. Canadians are also encouraged to spread the word by using the hashtag #MostValuableNetwork.