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Canadians Urged To Discover Their Own Backyard

Those with a stake in this country’s tourist trade are keeping their fingers crossed that pleas from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) for Canadians to vacation in this country when they’re again ready to hit the road won’t fall on deaf ears, reports Ian Stalker in the latest issue of Canadian Travel Press.

TIAC is asking people to make this country their country of choice for their next vacation, saying doing so will help Canadian tourism companies recover after a punishing 14 months of the coronavirus pandemic.

The association has made the call repeatedly in the past few months, and Anderson Vacations’ Darcie Guarderas expects many of us will heed TIAC’s request.

“I love that TIAC is asking people to vacation at home in our beautiful country,” she told Canadian Travel Press. “It is imperative that we all do our part in helping tourism recover in Canada. It has never been more important than right now, for us to shop local, dine local and travel local. And this needs to extend beyond just the immediate future. It will take years to recover and we need to pull together and elevate one another by spending our dollars closer to home.”

For the full story, check on the latest issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.


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