Here’s What The New Roamies Epic Costa Rica Trip Has In Store

I’m swimming upstream through a cave in Poza los Coyotes, a local swimming spot near La Fortuna, Costa Rica with a group of fellow travellers hailing from across the globe. We all stop and take a break to admire an ancient looking tree that extends its gnarled roots into turquoise water. The sounds of rapids, waterfalls and the rainforest surround us, writes Claire Scott in the latest issue of Travel Courier,

Then we hear it… a deep, guttural scream from above us in the forest canopy. The expressions on my travel companions’ faces turn from contentment to fright. My eyes dart to our guide Adrian, nicknamed ‘Rago’, to sense what our next move might be. He laughs, throws his hands into a Shaka and shouts ‘Howler Monkey!’

Hearing one of the world’s loudest animals bellow above me while swimming through the rainforest in Costa Rica will forever be one of the most incredible moments of my life. This was day four into my fourth and penultimate ‘Roamies’ trip with G Adventures and Hostelworld. Over 11 days, myself and 23 strangers would be travelling together on the Epic Costa Rica: Craters, Rainforest and Hanging-10 trip. It would begin in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose and finish in the west, along the Pacific coast in the surfer town of Tamarindo. Over the course of the trip we would also visit La Fortuna – the home of the great Arenal volcano, Monteverde — a haven for adventure junkies in the Puntarenas cloud forest, the bustling city of Liberia, and the chilled beach town of Nosara.

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