Hidden Place, An App For Adventurers

Hidden Place, a Canadian app newly available internationally, is “listing the globe’s best-kept secrets for adventurers.”

Discover the world in a different way is the idea of Montrealers Jonathan Taillefer and Jonathan Léveillé, co-founders of Hidden Place. Being seasoned travellers, the idea for the Placeapp comes from their own desire to share exceptional and unknown places they visit.

In six months, Hidden Place has “created and programmed the most complete (and free!) travel app, which is now a must-have tool for backpackers.”

First tested in Quebec, Hidden Place has experienced a complete makeover and is now ready to serve travellers all over the world with new features that are tailored to their needs.

“Whether for admiring breathtaking views, discovering unknown surfing beaches, exploring hidden lagoons or taking part in unusual cultural activities, Hidden Place is a great way to discover the best-kept secrets that the world has to offer,” the creators say.

In addition to an “incredible listing of places around the globe,” this app offers features that will appeal to all travellers.

It now has 13,000 users, 10,400 Facebook followers, 1500 subscribers to its newsletter and 1,000 hidden spots to be discovered.

Within a few weeks, new features will be introduced to further improve the experience of travelers. Among these new upgrades, Hidden Place will include a version that can be used without WIFI in order to access the application anywhere and anytime.

For each spot, itineraries, pictures, descriptions and reviews are available.

In order to preserve the magic of the hidden places’ offering and avoiding that they become too busy, the app cool-down mode temporarily pulls out popular spots. Added to this, moderators filter content added by users to ensure quality and relevance.

Go to http://www.hidden.place for more.