Flight Centre has launched a new brand — “Holidays for Humanity” with the goal of becoming a global leader in “transformational” travel. According to officials, the curated site “is a place where experienced travellers can delve into options that cater to the self, as well as the soul. From eco-resorts to yoga retreats, volunteering to cycling tours, edible adventures to sailing expeditions — Holidays for Humanity is for the vacationer looking for something different.

The site is divided into five pillars and within each of these are handpicked travel options pulling the very best in transformative travel options together. As a specialist travel service they encourage users to pick up the phone so that agents can help develop vacation packages that respond to the lifestyle needs of their customers, whilst delivering solutions to the needs of local communities.

“We recognize that that the modern day traveller is complex,” says Aaron Smith, Founder of GoVoluntouring and Brand Leader for Holidays for Humanity. “There is a demand for travel options with purpose, where vacations are an experience — not a commodity, and we want to provide them with the insight they need to make these specialist choices. This web site is a place where people who care about where their dollars are going can explore some amazing travel options.”

!!! Expeditions and Tours: These include camping, sailing, cycle tours, safaris, walking expeditions, and garden and wildlife focused excursions. Imagine camping out under the stars with your family in Morocco, exploring ancient archaeological sites as you drift through the Greek Islands on a 50-foot yacht, cycling through tropical forests in Cuba, exploring spice markets in Turkey, or following the tracks of the Bengal tiger in India.

!!! EcoResorts and Hotels: With a list of accommodations ranging from the lush Costa Rican coastline, to the cultural centres of Europe, and the deserts of the Middle East, Holidays for Humanity have picked some of the very best eco hotels and resorts that have the right balance between environmental and community responsibility, and impeccable service. From a yoga farm in Costa Rica that’s built around a belief in environmental ethics, to award-winning birding lodges in the tree canopies of Panama, and five-star boutique hotels in South America, Thailand and Mexico — there are options to fit both the green and glamorous.

!!! Health and Wellness: Holidays are often times when people choose to recharge, disconnect from their everyday lives and focus on how they’re feeling. Holidays for Humanity has some suggestions that range from an Ayurvedic oasis in India and yoga sanctuary in Maui, to two-wheel adventures in Sardinia and one-of-a-kind walking tours in Nepal.

!!! Volunteering Abroad: Proudly connected to responsible travel site, GoVoluntouring, which features more than 4,000 volunteer projects over 120 countries worldwide, Holidays for Humanity has hand-selected a few favourites. From coral reef restoration in Fiji, to helping elephants in Thailand, restoring art in Italy and saving sea turtles in Mexico and Costa Rica, the choices are as unique as the volunteers.

!!! Cultural & Culinary: Offering a deep cultural connection through a blend of cuisine, history and tradition, Holidays for Humanity have searched the globe to bring their customers to the Zen gardens of Japan, wine cellars of Tuscany, and spices of Goa. Igniting their adventurous side theydelve into the ancient world of Jordan, the legendary ruins of the Mayans and hidden treasures of Cambodia.

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