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MAGIK Tours is offering a 7-day homestay tour in Japan, with rates from $589 per person. A Homestay provides travellers with an unique way to experience the Japanese lifestyle and discover this rich traditional culture.

It’s also an amazing opportunity to learn more about Japanese history, the language and customs through daily interactions with a Japanese family. The understanding of another culture and another people is a unique experience allowing you to be more open and to grow your knowledge.

The families are carefully selected to ensure convenience and the best stay possible to meet your needs and expectations. The hosting families are also excited to open up to you and make your stay unforgettable.

MAGIK Tours offers the tour in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya. It includes daily breakfast and dinner. Travellers will live with the host family for a week, joining them in their daily routine and rituals; participating in traditional ceremonies and enjoying the local attractions.

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