Hong Kong Airlines Helps Child’s Wish Take Flight

Hong Kong Airlines, having partnered with Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon in 2018, is helping 17-year-old wish recipient Kathy Tran’s wish of travelling to Asia come true.

“Flight costs associated with granted wishes are a big expense for us,” said Ross Hetherington, CEO, Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon. “The generosity of Hong Kong Airlines, who are covering the costs for Kathy and her family to travel first to Hong Kong and then on to Tokyo, is significant, and deeply appreciated.”

Before Tran left for her trip, Hong Kong Airlines and Make-A-Wish hosted a send-off event at Vancouver International Airport. The Vancouver teen has been battling lymphoma and her wish trip will mark a celebration at the end of her cancer journey.

“I was first diagnosed with lymphoma in March 2018,” said Tran. “My journey through treatment was five months, and difficult at times, but the support of my family and friends kept me going and made things a lot easier. It will soon be one year since my treatment has ended. Having a granted wish will mean the end of my cancer journey and the start of a new one, with many more adventures for me to experience.”

Hong Kong Airlines surprised Tran and her family with upgraded seats to Business Class for their 12-hour journey to Hong Kong on the A350 aircraft the Vancouver-Hong Kong route deploys.

Hong Kong Airlines Director of Corporate Governance and Development Ricky Chong said, “Knowing that we are able to help Miss Tran’s wish come true is very heartwarming. We are very pleased that our partnership with Make-A-Wish is truly making a wish take flight. We wish Miss Tran and her family a very enjoyable journey, and are happy to be able to give the gift of hope and create memorable travel experiences for our community.”