Hong Kong ready for 2013

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will continue its themed marketing efforts in Canada in 2013, breaking the year into key “promotional windows” that showcase the diverse special events and activities that take place there each and every year. Michael Lim, the director, Canada, Central & South America for the HKTB, walked a group of travel trade professionals through the tourist board’s 2013 plans during an event in Toronto on Feb. 20 that combined a celebration of the Year of the Snake with the business-side update. Lim noted that overall 2012 was a good year for Hong Kong as it welcomed over 48.6 million visitors, a significant gain over its 2011 arrival numbers. As for Canada, like other long-haul destinations, it struggled a bit in 2012, generating 392,519 visitors for Hong Kong, which was dropped of 4.4% when compared to 2011. In this respect, Lim pointed out that the Canadian market was performing well during the first part of 2012, but a decrease of 15% in air capacity out of Canada in the latter part of the year, pushed the Canadian numbers into negative territory. But what’s past is past and Lim is clearly confident that with the ramped up marketing and promotional activities that the HKTB will be rolling out into the Canadian market, Hong Kong is on course for a good year in 2013. For more, go to .