Hong Kong Stays The Course


In this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier, staff writer, Ian Stalker reports that tour operators sending people to Hong Kong say the current unrest in that destination may lead to them making adjustments to their programs, but that visitors are continuing to take in that destination’s sights.

Diane Molzan of Goway told Travel Courier that the “civil disturbances in Hong Kong haven’t had an impact on our ground operations whatsoever, but we are keeping a close eye on it. All airport transfers and sightseeing tours are still operating as per normal, with some slight traffic deviations.

“The main issue when something like this happens is that we are in constant communication with all of our passengers currently travelling with us. They are simply being advised to avoid the demonstration areas and to expect some delays due to traffic,” she said.

Molzan added it’s too early to say whether protests will curtail Canadian bookings for Hong Kong.

More than a week of demonstrations by Hong Kong residents angered over the Chinese government’s announcement that it will vet candidates in 2017 elections has drawn worldwide attention.

But Michael Lim, who oversees the Hong Kong Tourist Board’s Canadian office, said that it hadn’t received any calls from people nervous about the situation.

“In town, visitors may want to avoid going to the affected districts due to road traffic disruption,” Lim said, suggesting visitors opt for non-road-based public transportation services instead.

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