Hong Kong, Taiwan A ‘Win-Win’ for Tourists


The Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Taiwan Tourism Board are teaming up on what they say is a win-win scenario for tourists seeking varied Asian experiences.

Having the destinations’ tourism trades co-operate with one another enhances their appeal for Canadians, with 94% of Canadians who visit Hong Kong wanting to see another Asian destination on the same trip, Peter Lam, chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, told a Wednesday Toronto reception.

He added Canadians don’t need visas to visit either destination. Katie Poon, the tourism board’s senior manager of trade development, in turn told the gathering that Hong Kong and Taiwan are a “perfect match,” with Taiwan offering the likes of night markets and numerous museums, including the National Palace Museum, which showcases thousands of years of Chinese history. Taiwan’s contrast of city life and nature is underscored by its dramatic Taroko Gorge, home to towering rock faces, she continued.

Poon added that Hong Kong is the “city that never sleeps” and praised its “amazing” skyline. Despite Hong Kong’s modern image, authentic culture awaits visitors, who can explore the city in part by a 1920s tram that visits historic spots.

There are some 61 daily flights lasting about 80 minutes each between Hong Kong and Taiwan, the gathering was told.
Wayne Liu, deputy director general of the Taiwan Tourism Board, in turn declared that Taiwan and Hong Kong “are the best choices in Asia for tourists and promised they will continue to develop new tourism products.

Pictured are Lam and Michael Lim, director for the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Canadian, Central and South American offices.