Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Unexpected

Ask Joel Ostrov if 2021 has gone the way he’d expected it would go and Direct Travel’s president – Canada East Region will tell you: “I am afraid not. The Delta variant caused many corporations to slow the restart of their travel programs. As a result, the borders between Canada and the US (and rest of the world) reopened much later than anticipated.”

And Ostrov continued: “Some believed I was overly optimistic, but had the Delta variant not have transpired, I would have been right on with the predictions I made the last time you canvassed industry leaders for their thoughts on the recovery.”

For more from Ostrov on his expectations for 2022 – along with forecasts from TIAC’s Beth Potter; ACTA’s Wendy Paradis; GBTA Canada’s Nancy Tudorache; the Travel Corporation Canada’s Jeff Element; Transat’s Joseph Adamo; and WestJet Vacations’ Dave Cecco – check out the Dec. 6, 2021 issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.