Maiku Wong’s lucky night saw the travel video blogger go from tea set to jet set within a matter of minutes at a Taiwan Tourism Bureau event in Toronto last night (Sept. 15). Wong, who had won a tea set earlier in the evening, also turned out to be the grand prize winner of an instant trip to Taipei that was to depart from Pearson International Airport just six hours later aboard EVA Air.
The unusual promotion advised event attendees to bring their passports and luggage with them to the downtown Toronto gallery the event was held in, with the winner to begin his or her journey via stretch limo within an hour of their name being chosen for the 1:45 a.m. flight.
The winner also got to choose a travelling companion from among those who crowded the gallery, with event host Gurdeep Ahluwalia warning that the winner had mere “minutes to figure out” who to take.
Wong won a tea set minutes earlier, with that tea set being one of several prizes awarded that night. He then saw his name chosen again when the grand prize was drawn.
Ahluwalia asked the winner if he had a girlfriend, with Wong reporting that he did but not present at the event, clearing the way for him to choose among some 15 of his friends who were there.
“It’s an unusual way way to travel,” Wong later told PressToday correspondent Ian Stalker. “I don’t even know when I’m coming back.”
Among Wong’s friends on hand for the event was Madisyn McKee, who said she would have liked to make the journey, but she’s on a three-month probationary period with her new employer, prompting her to ruefully withdraw from consideration for the trip.
“I don’t want to get fired,” she said of the possibility of her failing to show up for work in the morning without notification.
Instead, Wong chose friend Ryan Woods, shown here (at left) with Wong by the airport limousine.