Hospitality EDGE Supports Tourism, Hospitality Sector

A new workforce development program is helping facilitate the return of hospitality workers as more businesses in the sector prepare for the next stages of recovery.

Hospitality EDGE offers a highly-curated suite of courses for workers in the hospitality sector—online and at no cost — and comes at a time when the tourism and hospitality industry has needed to adapt quickly during the global pandemic.

The program also launches at a time when 373,000 employees in the sector have found themselves out of work due to ongoing COVID restrictions, according to the World Travel & Tourism’s Canadian Economic Impact Report.

Andrew Weir, Executive Vice President, Destination Development at Destination Toronto, explained: “Hospitality EDGE offers courses for furloughed employees returning to the workforce, current workers who want or need to up-skill, and those interested in joining the hospitality industry.”

Weir continued: “Our goal is to help workers retrain, upgrade skills, explore new positions and get on the path to re-employment in the hospitality industry. We also want to keep furloughed workers that are passionate about the industry connected to the people, businesses and sector they love.”

The new program is delivered by Destination Toronto in close partnership with the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture department, Tourism Mississauga and the Tourism Office of the City of Brampton, and is made possible through funding from workforce development initiatives from the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries.

Developed with input from employers and employees from a diverse range of hospitality businesses, Hospitality EDGE offers courses connected to five critically-needed skill sets for today’s workforce: Health & Safety; Customer Service; Digital Literacy; Inclusive and Sustainable Tourism; and Resiliency.

Said Weir: “Hospitality is all about people and creating a sense of welcome and comfort,” said Weir. “If you’re a worker looking to return to the hospitality sector or wanting to start your career, use these courses to help get ready for unique demands and opportunities in hospitality as businesses continue to reopen.”

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