‘I Need Switzerland’ Campaign Launched Today

Switzerland is rolling out a major consumer and trade campaign — “I need Switzerland.”

The campaign will run from today (Oct. 5) to Nov.1, because with the Swiss borders having been open to Canadians for some time, the moment is right to talk about booking travel again.

Pascal Prinz, director for Switzerland Tourism in Canada, observed: “Switzerland and Canada rank amongst the safest countries in this Covid-19 world according to a recent study by the Deep Knowledge Group. Canadians can travel to Switzerland without having to quarantine upon arrival and immediately enjoy the Swiss Alps and our four language regions. We remain a fully committed partner, supporting travel agents and tour operators with our biggest campaign in Canada. Start your journey today with Mike Sidofsky, the young Torontonian photographer, showing you why you need Switzerland.”

Recognizing the need for competent travel advice in the current times, Switzerland Tourism has partnered in English speaking Canada with experienced tour operators Goway and in Quebec with Tours Chanteclerc.

Craig Canvin, vice president, Europe Division with Goway Travel noted: “With more than 50 years of travel experience, nearly 30 curated Swiss itineraries featured online, and countless possibilities to tailor a dynamic adventure to suit travel goals, budget and trip length, Goway Travel offers the complete experience. Switzerland is a remarkably beautiful country and pending on what your guests are looking to accomplish and how they prefer to travel we’re proudly here to make it happen.”

Cristelle Cormier, managing director at Tours Chanteclerc said: “Switzerland is a destination that we at Tours Chanteclerc have been particularly fond of for many years. Our offers allow to discover this wonderful destination in organized tours, by individual itineraries, by travelling aboard panoramic trains, postal busses, boats or in the winter with of our Tours Altitude division. Majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, glaciers with eternal snow, breath-taking scenery and a warm welcome await travellers in search of discovery. Tours Chanteclerc delivers the secrets of Switzerland and we invite your clients to discover it with us.”

And beginning Oct. 5, agents are also being invited to enter a contest to win a trip to Switzerland by going to https://bit.ly/32ZPdh9.