Culinary Travel

IBEROSTAR – Taste The Magic Of Culinary Travel At Its Beachfront Resorts

There is a certain magic that comes with exploring a new destination, and that’s discovering the flavourful world of the local cuisine. It’s a magic that can be found in every dish a guest will taste during a stay at Iberostar. 

With each bite, they’ll embark on a culinary adventure, enjoying creations that are the perfect fusion of local cuisine and a wide range of international flavours.

But there’s something extra special about Iberostar’s meals — an ingredient that makes them even more delectable. The hotel group’s not-so-secret ingredient is that all of its meals abide by its Honest Foods philosophy. 


Based on the principles of that philosophy, meals are prepared and cooked using local, fresh, natural, and seasonal ingredients. 

To ensure this, Iberostar collaborates with local vendors who practice eco-friendly methods and getting the freshest produce and products from them. 

It’s also part of Iberostar’s greater initiative of empowering local communities at its hotel destinations. 

As for the food preparation, Iberostar puts as much thought and care into every dish for its guests, paying attention to every detail, so that sitting down at the dinner table is more than just eating, but an experience. 

Its recipes also have longer preparation times and different cooking methods (steaming, grilling, cooking in a wok, etc.) to preserve the ingredients’ nutritional value. It’s not only about making the food savoury but also ensuring that it’s healthy too. 


And for the avid seafood lovers, Iberostar’s fish and seafood dishes will taste even more delicious knowing that that seafood was responsibly sourced. Not only does Iberostar promote responsible fish consumption, but it’s also respects fishing bans and prepares menus according to seasonal fishes. 

All of this is part of Iberostar’s greater commitment to protecting the health of the oceans and being a leader in responsible tourism. So, when a guest sits down for a meal at an Iberostar resort, they’ll experience what a sustainable vacation is all about. 

Now the most challenging decision — besides what to eat — will be where do you want to eat.

Whether it’s Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico, the magic of the culinary adventure that Iberostar creates at each of its resorts will be waiting.