In Touring, We Trust

Globus and Cosmos have always invited travellers to say “hello” to the world’s most fascinating places with unmatched intrigue, curiosity and wonder — to offer travellers over-the moon-experiences without overthinking.

And that’s an idea – and a promise – that couldn’t be more prevalent, more welcomed and more needed today for those driven by wanderlust on their journey back to travel.

Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands, observed that: “When travellers choose a Globus or Cosmos tour, they can say ‘goodbye’ to worry”

Bishop said that: “With the help and expertise of Tour Directors, local drivers and on-the-ground travel experts in destinations across the globe, we provide our peace-of-mind to travellers.”

And she added: “We are also dedicated to providing travellers a stress-free getaway with many safety protocols in place, thanks to our Global Health & Safety Team, leaving them free to have fun, engaging in the world around them.”

To that end, Globus and Cosmos are reaffirming for travellers six (6) ways they can take comfort in – and trust – the vacation experiences only guided tours can provide:

  • Trust in Togetherness — When travellers book an escorted tour for their vacation, they’re choosing to explore the world in a small group of like-minded travellers: People who stick together, from start-to-finish. Now more than ever, there’s great comfort – and extraordinary confidence – in that choice. Plus, Globus offers the opportunity to choose “Small-Group Discoveries” (24 or fewer travellers) on itineraries in multiple countries.
  • Getting Around, Safe & Sound — The company’s state-of-the-art vehicles have undergone thorough cleaning protocols between tours, and each day, travellers enjoy a freshly cleaned and disinfected motorcoach with touch-ups at every stop. Assigned seating (only next to those in your travel party), required hand sanitization and luggage disinfection (before boarding each vehicle) also offer reassurances for a worry-free getaway.
  • TDs Are the Bees Knees — No one knows the ins and outs of each destination like a Globus or Cosmos Tour Director (TD). And no one is better equipped to ensure a happy and healthy getaway for guests. TDs’ local insights and experience – as well as their support from local operations offices – means that someone is always looking out for travellers. In addition, mask-wearing Tour Directors, drivers and local guides are focused on spreading joy, not germs, while also making masks available to guests, as needed, throughout their journey.
  • Touching Hearts, Not Hands — With help from their on-site Tour Director, globetrotters can enjoy the ripple effects of eliminating many travel “touch points” including luggage handling; hotel check-ins and check-outs and the purchase of sightseeing tickets. Even better? Globus and Cosmos Tour Directors secure expedited entry into must-see attractions which means no waiting in long, crowded queues of people. For moments when touch is necessary, Tour Directors are armed with hand sanitizer.
  • The Lure of the Less Travelled — While it might be the iconic sights of the world that first entice globetrotters to pack their bags for adventure, it’s often the tucked-away towns, lesser-known nooks and secluded seafronts that beckon them to return. Globus’ and Cosmos’ “Undiscovered” series of tours invite travellers to trade the Colosseum for the narrow lanes of Tuscan towns; the hustle and bustle of cities for the Scottish countryside; Europe’s seas of tourists for the coastal villages of the Mediterranean and the crowded cities of North America for smaller, crowd-pleasing gems.
  • Travel with Confidence — The world has changed, but what remains certain is the Globus family of brands’ commitment to guest safety and peace-of-mind while traveling, including offering travellers worry-free, hassle-free and strings-free bookings with a 2021 Peace of Mind Travel Plan. While on trip, travellers can also enjoy many enhanced  health and safety protocols with the company’s new On-Trip Assurance program.

Leaving nothing to chance, Globus’ Global Health & Safety Team has established on-trip protocols that focus on travellers’ health and safety as well as the overall, travel experience including:

  • Pre-trip health screenings and temperature checks plus daily health checks.
  • Social distancing whenever possible, thanks in part to Globus Go Beyond Devices.
  • Wearing masks when social distancing is not a possibility.
  • Touch-free meals (no self-service options at hotels or alike).
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection standards and protocols at hand-picked hotels.

And agents who book a 2021 Globus tour now, they can save them 10% off select itineraries.