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Inn at Laurel Point Earns Biosphere Sustainable Certification

Victoria’s Inn at Laurel Point has been recognized with a Biosphere Sustainable certification from the Responsible Tourism Institute.

As a result, the Inn at Laurel Point, a leading BC carbon-neutral hotel since 2009, is now part of the global certification system that verifies an entity is fulfilling its commitments to sustainability. Facilitating work-life balance and equal employment and collaborating with external entities, such as academic institutions to promote sustainability and sustainable development, are outlined by Biosphere Sustainable as examples of the hotel’s sustainability efforts.

Eda Koot, the general manager of Inn at Laurel Point, observed: “We are true believers in regenerative travel, committed not only to minimizing our impact on the environment, but to restoring balance for our climate.”

Koot continued: “To receive Biosphere certification and join entities around the world doing impactful work in sustainability is a huge achievement. We are honoured to be recognized for our sustainability efforts while we continue working towards Project 2030 and on our social corporate responsibility.”

Project 2030 is an ongoing plan for Inn at Laurel Point, in which the hotel aims to advance seven of the United Nations’ SDGs. Inn at Laurel Point aims to achieve its 2030 vision and work towards better corporate social responsibility with initiatives like installing more chargers for electric vehicles, a live carbon counter to track the progress, and commitments to partners that want to work with the hotel towards its goals.

In recent years, Inn at Laurel Point has introduced numerous initiatives to promote sustainability and minimize its carbon footprint, including:

  • Hydrothermal technology to cool rooms with ocean water and working to reduce waste diversion, currently at 79%
  • Becoming a BC green leader business
  • Donating unused bath products to Soap for Hope, incorporating initiatives by environmental brand Diversey, and purchasing from local and regional producers and businesses
  • Offsetting remaining carbon footprint through local investments in nature
  • Becoming the first-ever hotel in North America to join The Climate Pledge and initiative, co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism
  • Installing hives for 60,000 pollinator honey bees in its garden to promote pollination

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