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Vision Making Things More Efficient


Vision Travel has created an innovative resource management system that fully integrates logistics and scheduling for remote worksites including: commercial flight, charter flight, bus, and room bookings. Vision INNFINITY is a turnkey all-in-one system that handles every aspect of the travel planning process, promising increased efficiency and savings.

The logistics required to manage moving hundreds of people for any given project requires the precision skills of the very best travel planners. The oil, gas and mining industries understand this challenge all too well. In 2013, the three industries combined employ more than 300,000 people, moving thousands of crew across Canada and around the world.

The amount of time, money, and energy spent on effectively and efficiently coordinating fly in fly out (FIFO) travel is usually spent on separate systems that are not completely integrated, creating a high margin of error due to scheduling conflicts, human oversight and utilizing administrative time dedicated to dealing with constant changes to set itineraries.

Ian Race, senior vice-president, corporate sales & account management for Vision Travel, said that: “From working with our clients, we noticed there is so much spillover costs associated with inefficiencies relating to large crew movements, which is why we developed this product to resolve that problem. Not only can companies cut down on administrative overhead of managing multiple systems, they can also effectively track and respond to real-time needs of their mobile staff.”

Vision officials point out that no other company in Canada offers this kind of efficiency for handling FIFO logistics. Vision INNFINITY is a powerful multi-resource booking engine software that simplifies and manages logistics from start to finish. By creating one itinerary, errors are eliminated and the traveller’s experience becomes a much more satisfying and easy encounter. This state-of-the-art software is changing the face of logistic coordination for the oil, gas, and mining industries giving companies the one-stop-shop solution for FIFO travel coordination.


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