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Insight Celebrates ‘Signature Year’


As we enter 2015, Insight Vacations has launched its “Signature Year” with some of the top travel trends.

And, with international travel from Canada up 10% from 2013, Insight guests can embrace their wanderlust by saving up to 10% ($867 per couple) to Europe when booking by Jan. 15.

The idea of authenticity continues to top the list when it comes to travellers’ wishes. Insight believes a “signature” is a mark of authenticity and so bases its travel offerings on the idea that their clients can have off-the-beaten-track experiences in the destinations they go to, including meeting locals and artisans to tasting food and wine from their signature regions throughout Europe.

Insight’s new 10-day Country Roads of Umbria & Tuscany escorted journey treats clients to a Signature Experience in Orvieto, where they will meet Etruscan chef Lorenzo Polegri, who shares his pasta making secrets and hosts a gourmet lunch. Clients can save 10% ($585 per couple) if they book this trip by Jan. 15.

Scenery topped Insight’s 2014 past passenger survey as the number one interest for travel, with an almost 85% response from survey participants indicating this as a must during their travels. Insight’s escorted 19-day journey, Picture Perfect Italy is an idyllic getaway with plenty of opportunities to capture the moment. This leisurely paced trip features the most spectacular scenic landscapes in Italy – from Venice to the Dolomites, down to Portofino, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Umbria, Positano and then to Rome. This special tour departs Sept. 21.

Croatia & The Dalmatian Islands: Since the first airing of Game of Thrones in 2011, the popular TV show has gained a cult following of fans. With season five set to hit screens this year, Insight’s 15-day Country Roads of Croatia provides travellers with the chance to visit Dubrovnik, where many scenes from the show are set. Clients will spend three nights in the city. In Split, clients will embark on a Signature Experience exploring the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace. Clients can save 10% ($867 per couple) when booking by Jan. 15.



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