Insight CEO Inspires Travellers to #Come2Europe


Amidst recent news stories on Europe, John Boulding, CEO of Insight Vacations, recently released a message on the company’s redesigned blog aimed at travellers who may be uncertain about visiting Europe to #Come2Europe.

Having completed a whirlwind global tour promoting the travel specialists’ new 2016-17 Europe & Britain Premium and 2016-17 Luxury Gold by Insight Vacations programs, the travel leader provided personal insights into putting things about Europe and travelling abroad into perspective.

“I felt the need to convey an inspiring message to our guests and wonderful agents to let them know that despite what is perceived to be happening on TV screens, we must continue with our daily lives,” Boulding said. “#Come2Europe is a call to action for Canadians to take that once in a lifetime trip to Europe, and not let situations curtail your travel plans.”

On the ever-changing news cycle, Boulding writes, “For the past month, I’ve been traversing the globe meeting our guests and agents and apart from introducing our amazing new vacations, of all the conversations I’ve been having, perspective is a reoccurring theme. If you were to take what you see on CNN or Fox News at face value then it could appear that Europe is falling apart at the seams. 2015 might seem to have been a year of non-stop crises? Unless you actually live in Europe, or travel there very regularly, it is difficult to put things in perspective, because what you are seeing on TV or in the press is extremely narrow view reporting. Inevitably bad news sells, so that’s what you get.”

Regarding Insight Vacations commitment to the well-being of all of its guests and team members, “Our Tour Directors are experts and we have the backup of hundreds of staff in Europe. On an Insight Vacations holiday, we take care of everything. We are highly flexible, nimble and unconstrained by routing. We carry 100,000 guests a year to Europe and not once have our itineraries been interrupted, curtailed or disadvantaged…”

Commenting on the tragic events that took place in Paris, Boulding writes, “So let’s look the elephant in the room in the eye. Paris. When I’m talking with travellers from America, Canada, Asia and around the world during my travels, they often ask me, a European, should they be concerned about the risks of visiting Europe at this time. My answer is simple: let’s properly understand ‘the risk’ vs. ‘the fear.’ What you have been watching is 24/7 news coverage of each incident in a highly localized fashion. In fact, we had a group in Paris just five days after the incident and they visited the city without experiencing any curtailment of their planned experiences and activities. They dined at a famous restaurant on the left bank on the first evening, they visited the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and they went to the Moulin Rouge and enjoyed the illuminations. They were welcomed by Parisians at every stage.”

Finally, Boulding offers his travel expert advice, “My honest view is don’t let the numbers persuade you to take the situation out of context. I certainly won’t curtail my travel plans and I suggest you might want to do the same! I was encouraged on my travels in the USA last week by the positive reaction of so many people. Many thanked me for sharing these perspectives and most shared the view that it wouldn’t put them off their once in a lifetime trip to Europe during 2016. Cheers to that. Bon Voyage!”

Travellers and agents alike are encouraged to spread the word about visiting Europe by rallying on social media and tagging their favourite European destinations and moments with #Come2Europe.

Boulding’s full message can be read at