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Insight, Luxury Gold Gear Up For 2018

From meeting an apple cider maker near a Norwegian fjord to encountering an olive farmer in picturesque Italy or getting to know Scottish Baronet Sir Ludovic at his family castle in Ardgowan, Scotland, there’s a host of encounters with local experts that await travellers embarking on Insight Vacations’ journeys in 2018.

Some of the 70 immersive and authentic Insight Experiences were highlighted at a launch event in Toronto yesterday (Oct. 12) for Insight Vacations’ 2018 Europe Premium Escorted Journeys collection and Luxury Gold’s 2018 worldwide Luxury Escorted Journeys.

“Our trips are really about our guests and I think the biggest thing we like to focus on is the experiences that we offer,” Carla Brake, vice-president of sales at Insight Vacations, Canada, tells PressToday. “It’s a carefully curated collection that give guests the opportunity to meet with the locals, give them that authentic experience in the destination. It’s things that they really can’t put together on their own.”

A look at what’s new at Insight Vacations

In total Insight Vacations is offering 100 guided vacations across four travel styles. New for 2018, the operator has eight added Discovery Journeys with stops in trending destinations such as Cinque Terre and San Sebastian.

The new journeys include the nine-day Taste of Europe, 10-day European Rhapsody, 14-day Splendid Europe, 16-day European Discovery, 18-day Mediterranean Journey and the 12-day European Dream.

Upping its food game even further, more authentic dining experiences are also part of the offer, from Dine-At-Home experiences through VizEat in the likes of Budapest, Salzburg and Rome, and Farm-to-Table dining part of all Country Road itineraries.

Luxury Gold brings back the golden era of travel

With a new brochure designed to look more like a lifestyle magazine, Luxury Gold’s 2018 worldwide Luxury Escorted Journeys focuses on bringing back the golden era of travel across an exclusive collection of VIP experiences, such as small group access to popular tourist attractions.

“It’s a whole new experience where you truly have a gorgeous, sumptuous, exquisite experience from start to finish, very seamless,” says Brad Ford, president, Insight Vacations & Luxury Gold, Canada, who recently embarked on the company’s Ultimate Italy Tour. “I travelled to Italy at probably one of the busiest times, crowds everywhere, but I didn’t really notice the crowds because we are absolutely treated like celebrities with out-of-hours visits to some primary locations like The Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum.”

Forty-two small group journeys are available across Europe, Britain, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and North America. New tours include itineraries across Scandinavia, Croatia and Montenegro, Costa Rica, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, France and Japan.

The brochure also includes a new range of even more exclusive experiences part of the Chairman’s Collection, curated by the Travel Corporation’s Chairman, Stanley Tollman, such as dining with a French Count at Paris’s oldest café or joining Princess Anita von Hohenberg for a drinks reception at Artstetten Castle.

Luxury Gold also announced some bespoke options available in Ireland, Scotland and South Africa.

Pictured at Canoe restaurant in Toronto are (l-r) Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation; Carla Brake, vice-president of sales at Insight Vacations, Canada; and Brad Ford, president Insight Vacations & Luxury Gold, Canada.

Stay tuned for more on what’s to come with Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold in an upcoming edition of Canadian Travel Press.

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