Insights On Emerging Trends From Silversea

Let’s look ahead, shall we.

And in looking ahead, consider some predictions — based on guest interest — coming from Silversea’s  destination experts, who identified popular travel trends for 2022-2023 and highlighed those destinations that are attracting travellers with the recommencement of sailing.

Silversea Cruises is charting a course to some of what travellers and their own destination experts believe will be the trendsetting regions to visit in 2022 and 2023. Popular sailing regions include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Alaska, Antarctica, the Galápagos Islands, and Australia’s Kimberley region.

Barbara Muckermann, chief marketing officer for Silversea, said: “We are excited to see strong interest in a diverse range of destinations, and are especially delighted to see encouraging indications from the members of our Venetian Society loyalty club that they are eager to travel again.”

Muckermann continued: “These fascinating places, both near and far, shine as beacons of light, inspiring travellers to start planning for their next adventure. With our largest-ever collection of itineraries including, for the first time, shore excursions and round-trip air on all voyages, we are pleased to offer the most convenient and value-rich options for travelers to discover the authentic beauty of the world like never before.”

Listed below are those experiences from the 2022-2023 itinerary collection that are trending among Silversea guests, accompanied by highlight itineraries — as identified by the cruise line’s destination experts.

Cultural immersion into the old-world charm of the iconic Mediterranean – Recent booking data affirms that Silversea cruisers worldwide are attracted to the Mediterranean. The region offers small ports and iconic cities, as well as world-renowned food and UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites.

Exploration of imposing landscapes and ancient history in Northern Europe & the British IslesNorthern Europe offers something for every curious traveler. The British Isles is home to ancient castles, soaring cathedrals, and landscaped gardens, while the Baltic Sea is awash with charming rustic towns, iconic museums, and fabled fjords. Guests will relive the sixties with a stroll down Liverpool’s Penny Lane; sail along the same coastlines as the Vikings did almost a thousand years ago; and discover the imperial heritage of St. Petersburg with its iconic Hermitage Museum, gilded palaces, and ornate churches.

Back to Mother Nature in pristine Alaska – Head to Alaska — The Great Land — if you’ve been dreaming of a vacation steeped in natural beauty. Beyond the rustic frontier towns, elaborate totem poles, and onion-domed Russian churches, America’s 49th state is home to a dramatic landscape of mountains, forests, glaciers, and fjords. Hike along Tongass National Park’s Mendenhall Glacier for spectacular vistas, climb the smooth granite walls of the White Pass for stunning views of Skagway River or take in the majesty of Misty Fjords from above during a floatplane tour.

Polar exploration on the journey of a lifetime to Antarctica – The White Continent is a must-visit destination if you consider yourself an adventure seeker or nature lover. Antarctica beckons with towering icebergs, mighty glaciers and abundant wildlife. Penguins, seals, whales, and seabirds reign supreme in this frozen paradise. Here, you can hike volcanic shores dotted with snow and penguins, or paddle through mazes of floating ice in a kayak. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take a dip in the chilly waters of Deception Island, a volcanic caldera near the Antarctic Peninsula.

A wildlife-rich expedition in the Galápagos aboard new ship Silver Origin – Few places on Earth rival the Galápagos Islands for their ecological diversity. Situated at the intersection of three Pacific Ocean currents, this archipelago of 19 islands and numerous islets beguiles with pristine landscapes and incredible wildlife. From feisty lava lizards, sun-basking marine iguanas, and lumbering giant tortoises to playful sea lions and the only penguin species found north of the equator, the archipelago is a treasure trove of unique creatures. If you’re seeking transformative adventure, look no farther.

Experiencing a truly remote wilderness in the Kimberley, Australia One of the world’s last remaining authentic wildernesses, the Kimberley is tucked in the northern region of Western Australia. This rugged and rarely visited frontier is home to remarkable wildlife, spectacular canyons, and ancient rock art that conjures a sense of mystery. In this dramatic landscape, take a scenic flight over the breathtaking Bungle Bungle Range, speed through the waters of the phenomenal Horizontal Falls by Zodiac, and explore the Hunter River region.

For the 2022-2023 season, Silversea Cruises has launched 315 new voyages — the largest itinerary deployment in the cruise company’s history – in response to renewed interest from travellers, both loyal- and new-to-Silversea.

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