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Star Alliance Unveils New Themed Round-The-World Itineraries

For over a decade, Star Alliance has been offering round-the-world itineraries, and now it has added
themed itineraries to its round-the-world product portfolio.

Along with being able to create a journey from scratch, travellers will now have an opportunity to choose from a range of round-the-world themed journeys.

These include: World Food, World Wonders, Architecture Hotspots, Nature Trail, Aquatic Wonders, Ramsar Wetlands, Natural Wonders, Great Hotels, Sports Hotspots, Wine Tasting, Romantic Journey and Luxury Lifestyle.

Additional information on the new itineraries can be found at http://www.staralliance.com/en/web/staralliance/inspiration .

And to facilitate booking these new inspirational journeys, the Alliance’s online round-the-world booking tool, Book & Fly, has been updated to allow potential travellers to choose the closest airport to their home as the starting point for their selected themed itinerary.

Further customization by adding, removing or exchanging destinations is also possible.

The “Star Alliance Book & Fly” tool can be found on the Alliance’s website at http://www.staralliance.com/en/book-fly and is available in English, German and Japanese.


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