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Intrepid Offers Canadians $1 Deposits

Intrepid Travel reports that Canadians can book one of its more than 1,000 trips – available on every continent – before Feb. 8 for only a $1 deposit.

Whether travellers are looking to take on a challenge and trek Kilimanjaro, cross the rapids of the Trisuli River in Nepal, visit Jaffna, which was off-limit to travellers for 30 years, in Sri Lanka, or would rather scale the Atlas Mountains and take part in a 4,000-year-old tradition with Berber Nomads in Morocco, they only need $1 to book an adventure with Intrepid Travel to Feb. 8.

“The $1 deposit takes away the large deposit travellers are used to paying, instead offering people the opportunity to book their dream adventure for $1 and slowly pay it off,” said Leigh Barnes, North American director for Intrepid Travel.

To book a trip with a $1 deposit, travellers must pay the $1 deposit before Feb. 8 and depart before Dec. 31. Other terms and conditions apply.


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