Intrepid Races To Morocco’s Aid Following Quake

Intrepid Travel is standing by earthquake-battered Morocco and is hoping international travellers will do likewise.

The adventure tour company announced last week a quick restart to its Morocco program after a halt following the Sept. 8 quake that left at least 2,900 people dead as of Friday and caused significant damage to parts of Marrakech and communities in the Atlas Mountains, two cornerstones of Moroccan tourism.

Intrepid Morocco tours featuring Marrakesh that are departing in the near future will spend a reduced amount of time in that city and Intrepid has decided against sending clients into the Atlas Mountains for the foreseeable future.

But Intrepid CEO James Thornton says the company wanted a quick Morocco restart, convinced tourists can continue to enjoy exploring the country at this time and the money their visits inject into the economy will help with Morocco’s recovery.

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