Intrepid Travel Adds 10 New Premium Tours

Intrepid Travel has introduced 10 new tours as part of its Intrepid Premium range. The new tours come a year and a half after Intrepid launched its inaugural Premium collection — a range of tours appealing to discerning travellers that feature hand-picked accommodations, private transportation, train journeys and an array of signature stays and exclusive experiences.

The addition of 10 new tours — which include 6 new trips in Europe and 4 new trips in North and South America — brings the total number of Intrepid Premium trips to 97, giving travellers a more sustainable choice for higher-end adventures.

With the introduction of these new itineraries, the Intrepid Premium range will now span across 42 countries and 5 continents.

While Africa and Asia have been the two top selling regions for the Premium range so far, the addition of these new trips will help bolster the Premium offering in other key destinations around the world, specifically in Europe.

The 6 new Europe itineraries will mark the first Premium tours in the Baltics, Balkans, and Northern Spain, and bring the total Intrepid Premium offering in Europe to 25 tours.

The launch will also mark the first Intrepid Premium itinerary in the United States with the introduction of Premium Alaska. It is one of 4 tours being launched across the Americas including Premium Costa Rica and Premium Patagonia.

Matt Berna, Intrepid Travel President, North America, explained that: “Trends show that passengers are willing to pay for premium trips that offer an exceptional experience at an excellent value.”

Berna continued: “Like all Intrepid trips, these new itineraries are designed to minimize travelers’ environmental footprint and maximize their positive impact for local communities – this is what makes Intrepid Travel so special.”

The 10 new Intrepid Premium tours are:

  • Premium Northern Spain, 10 days starting from $6,275 CAD
  • Premium Baltics, 10 days starting from $4,465 CAD
  • Premium Balkans, 9 days starting from $3,750 CAD
  • Premium Belgrade to Bucharest, 11 days starting from $4,365 CAD
  • Premium Turkey, 8 days starting from $3,445 CAD
  • Premium Sicily, 10 days starting from $5,355 CAD
  • Premium Costa Rica, 9 days starting from $3,980 CAD
  • Premium Costa Rica in Depth, 12 days starting from $6,140 CAD
  • Premium Alaska, 10 days starting from $9,030 CAD
  • Premium Patagonia, 9 days

Every Premium itinerary is led by Intrepid’s most experienced leaders and include a feature stay and signature experience that will not be available on any other Intrepid trips.

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