Island Routes unveils bespoke offering, agent loyalty program

Caribbean excursion company Island Routes has launched a new upscale travel offering called the Private & Bespoke Collections, offering fully customizable and tailor-made experiences for clients.

“This product in particular, our strategy from the moment we launched it has been a B2B strategy, launched entirely through the travel trade,” CEO Ryan Terrier told PressToday from the Baxter Media office in Toronto. “Why we’re here now in wonderful snowy Toronto is exactly that — to work with travel agents, bring this product to their attention — many of them were not aware of it. Our strategy is to really launch this through the travel trade community.”

New loyalty program coming soon

Notably, Island Routes is on the cusp of launching a new loyalty program to benefit the travel trade.

“We are looking to start rewarding agents with a loyalty program. Details will follow soon,” revealed the company’s head of global sales, David Black. “We’re going to recognize and reward.”

While the new product is entirely customizable for a personalized, bespoke experience, Island Routes has launched inspirational itineraries to showcase the possibilities of what travellers can expect. For example, they now offer an enhanced version of the popular bamboo rafting tour down the Martha Brae river.

“What we’ve done to all these products is added elements to it that are a little bit more unique, a little bit closer to the destination,” Terrier explained. “When you go down the river instead of just doing an hour ride, there’s different elements like there could be music playing along the way down. We stop an area on the side of the river where there’s a beautifully tablescaped dinner or lunch set up, we bring in a chef, they’re cooking right there on the side of the river. There’s jerk chicken, grilled lobster, whatever the guest has selected.”

Ahead of the launch of Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines on March 27, tour offerings are now also in place not only in St. Vincent but across some of the Grenadines as well as the Tobago Cays.

“We are the destination expert, we know the destination, we know the Caribbean, so we’re here to walk agents through whatever questions they may have,” Terrier added.

Head to to register your agency info and receive a personal access code. Then, log into the portal at to start booking and earning commission.

Stay tuned to the print edition of Travel Courier for more on Island Routes and the new Private & Bespoke Collections.

The Island Routes team of Ron Veno, director of sales; head of global sales, David Black; vice president, David Shields and CEO Ryan Terrier, is pictured in Toronto on Feb. 15.