Israel: Are You Ready For A New Adventure

Top travel agents and tour operators gathered at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale on a sunny, warm first day of fall to meet Gal Hana, the new director Canada for the Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO).

Liked the day, Hana was warmly received by the crowd of about 75 or so travel trade types, not to mention being welcomed by Israel’s Consul General, Galit Baram, who urged the gathering to work with Hana and his team of Jerry Adler, deputy director & director of PR & Communications and

Ellen Melman, director operations & marketing, travel industry, clergy & community liaison to sell Israel to Canadians.

During his presentation, Hana praised the work that Adler and Melman have done in the four years when the tourist office here did not have a director, noting that the numbers back up just how good a job they’ve done.

Hana took the crowd of agents, wholesalers, tour operators and airline reps on a journey to show them just how multi-layered Israel’s tourism offerings are, observing that the richness of the country’s offerings is “why people come back time after time.”

In 2018, he pointed out, Israel welcome over 4 million visitors and so far in 2019 it is well on its way to surpassing that figure.

And as to the question of “Why Israel?” Well, as Hana sees it, it because of its diversity of product, the multicultural character of its society, its history, it’s natural wonders and a whole lot more.

Hana obsvered: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Israel is about value and what get out of your trip. In Israel, you’re not a tourist, you’re an explorer.”

As for the trade, Hana told his audience: “I’m here to show you the potential that Israel holds for your clients. And I look forward to working with all of year.”

In the photo

Seen here, from l to r, are Ellen Melman, Gal Hana and Jerry Adler.