Israel launches online video competition

The Israel Ministry of Tourism has launched a new online video competition (through March 18) offering travellers a chance to win a week-long trip for two to spend Easter in the Holy Land. To enter, travellers must submit a one-minute video clip detailing why they want to spend Easter in Israel, and ending with the phrase, “And that’s why spending Easter in the Holy Land is so special.”Participants must then upload the video to YouTube with the title, “A Special Easter in the Holy Land,”and paste the link on to the Holy Land Pilgrimage’s Facebook page, . The winner of the competition will experience the special holiday events taking place during Easter, including the Palm Sunday Procession in Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives to the Old City; Holy Thursday and the Washing of the Feet Ceremony; the Good Friday processions along the Via Dolorosa; the Ceremony of the Holy Light in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; and processions in Emmaus on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The entrant whose clip gains the most views by March 18 will win a one-week tour for two of Christian holy sites in the Holy Land as guests of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. For more information, visit . (