Istanbul Readies For New Airport

The countdown is on. October 2018 marks the anticipated opening date for a new airport in Istanbul, set to be significantly larger than Atlanta International Airport and London Heathrow Airport in sheer scale, and the world’s largest airport by passenger numbers, able to accommodate 150 million passengers a year.

In terms of why Istanbul, Abdullah Nergiz, Airline and Cargo Marketing Director for the airport project, which doesn’t yet have an official name, noted the destination marks the cross roads for global trade and economy, and is an ideal connection point between east and west, accessible to 133 destinations within a three hour flight.

Nergiz, who was on hand in Toronto yesterday (May 25) to promote the project, pointed out that despite recent terror attacks, Istanbul’s airports saw 90 million annual arrivals in recent years, and Istanbul Atatürk Airport would continue to operate charter flights and private jets.

The new airport will have a large duty-free area, as well as a zone for food and beverages, and an airport hotel. Both international and domestic flights will be operated from the hub, which is expected to service more than 350 destinations for nearly 100 carriers, and will be accessible via a dedicated subway line.

The airport is expected to generate 4.9 percent of Turkey’s gross domestic product, which would be an additional $79 billion. Pictured (at top) at the Toronto event are Zafer Bolukbasi, general manager, Toronto, for Turkish Airlines; Nergiz; and Derya Serbetci Acar of the Turkish Consulate General in Toronto.