It’s About Time!

The Canadian Transportation has now ordered SkyGreece airlines to prove that it is applying its tariff and respecting passengers’ rights.

And while the many complaints that have been filed with the CTA in the wake of the carrier’s suspension of operations and which are being handled through established dispute resolution processes, the agency said yesterday that, “Given the urgency of the situation, however, the Agency is taking additional steps to ensure that the carrier meets its legal obligations to the travelling public.”

In a decision rendered yesterday, the CTA indicated that it had arrived at a preliminary opinion that SkyGreece has failed to properly apply its tariff — its contract with passengers — and has given SkyGreece until 5 p.m., Sept. 3 to demonstrate why the Agency should not finalize a ruling to this effect.”

As well, the CTA stated that SkyGreece must demonstrate if there is any reason it should not be required to take immediate corrective measures to properly apply the rules of its international tariff for all passengers affected by schedule irregularities.

Those measures should include:

  • Informing passengers of their options and providing them with a copy of the tariff.
  • Immediately implementing the option chosen by passengers.
  • Establishing a 1-800 help line where passengers can be directed to a person who can accept and address their claim.
  • Updating its web site to fully explain the measures put in place to address the situation.
  • Report to the Agency, within five business days, on the evolution of the situation and the measures taken by SkyGreece to comply with this order and with its international tariff applicable to this situation.

If SkyGreece fails to respond by the deadline, the Agency will order SkyGreece to apply its tariff and implement the corrective measures above.