It’s All About Innovation For TDC

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) welcomed a delegation of around 200 travel agency owners, preferred partners and members of the TDC leadership team for its bi-annual National Leadership Conference at the Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites in Punta de Mita, Mexico.

The week-long event, which continues to Dec. 12, features workshops, strategic reflection, discussions, and various presentations to support network members in their business objectives.

Joseph Adamo, Transat’s chief distribution officer and president of Transat Distribution Canada and Louise Fecteau, general manager of Transat Distribution Canada, set the tone for the event.

Adamo provided an update on Transat’s strategic priorities, highlighting the special relationship between TDC and Transat. He focused particularly on the growth of Air Transat’s fleet and airline network, the effect of the Transat brand on the market and the impact it has on the travel agency network, not to mention the importance of customer loyalty in today’s competitive environment.

As for Fecteau, she reviewed a 2019 year filled with numerous projects and achievements, including the update to the gift card program and the opening of the eX par Voyages Transat laboratory agency.

Said Fecteau: “At TDC, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best support so that you can focus your energy and efforts on growing your business.”

And she continued: “Whether it is through exclusive programs or the best deals with our preferred partners, we can say without a doubt that TDC is the leader in Canada.”

Continuing its efforts to find ways to innovate, TDC’s Industry Relations team connected with preferred partners in a completely new way to promote their offer to the network members present.

In fact, they were able to take part in a ‘preferred partner scavenger hunt” throughout the Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites, which also allowed them to discover the magnificent property while networking with the thirty preferred partners on site.

A few of TDC’s preferred partners spoke with agency owners present to share their new updates and discuss their business objectives.

“TDC’s trusted relationship with its approximately 60 preferred partners allows us to maintain our position as a market leader by offering benefits in all areas for both franchise members and consumers”, observed Susan Bowman, vice-president of marketing and industry relations, before continuing: “And we are always pleased to acknowledge their tremendous contribution to our development and reputation.”

Innovation was a major focus of the conference, with TDC’s national director of corporate agencies, Rita Polegri, presentins a preliminary report on the first few months of operations of the eX par Voyages Transat laboratory agency.

The final results and real assessment of the innovative project will be made after one full year has been completed. In addition, the attendance of the two founding partners of Axellite Leadership was perfectly in line with this effort, namely to experiment with things instead of simply being on the sidelines and trying to fit-in.