It’s Back To School With TDC

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has launched TDC Campus – a complete training program best adapted to the travel world of today.

All TDC network members — whether they are franchisees or part of our agent@home program – now have access to more than 20 hours of bilingual content for a free 6-month trial period.

Louise Fecteau, general manager of Transat Distribution Canada, said: “At TDC, we’re always on the lookout for the most effective solutions that reflect the reality of our members, to be proactive and support them in achieving their business objectives as best we can.”

Fecteau continued: “We know that people will start travelling again in greater numbers, but it is difficult to know at this point when the recovery will take place. That’s why we believe there is no better time to equip our members with this online training platform, divided into four faculties and adapted to the needs of senior consultants as well as those new to the industry.”

She explained that: “TDC Campus makes things easy for travel professionals who need to know a tremendous amount of information in detail, thanks to its fun and effective content. It is available online at all times, in a responsive display, which adapts to the size of the screen used.”

Julie Bilodeau, director of organizational development and training at Transat, said of the innovative training approach: “In one single platform, TDC Campus consolidates everything that, in my opinion, makes training programs effective. When we develop a training at Transat, we put ourselves in the learners’ shoes and want to make sure they’re engaged.”

Bilodeau continued: “We want them to put their knowledge and expertise to use and feel stimulated, so that they remain interested. And with the expansion of TDC Campus, the training approaches – simulations, videos, interactive guides, quizzes, etc. – have something for every learner.”

And she added: “In fact, every travel professional or future travel professional who accesses TDC Campus will notice that the different modules are, more often than not, presented in a storytelling style, with a tone that’s playful and never too formal, and a micro-learning approach focused on one subject at a time, to ensure the user retains the information.”

TDC Campus features:

  • Free access to over 20 hours of bilingual content for a 6-month free trial period starting Nov. 1, 2020.
  • More than 50 hours of content in English and French available as of May 1, 2021. • A training program available exclusively to member of the TDC network.
  • Four faculties: introduction to the world of travel, main, customer experience and continuous development.
  • Content specifically adapted to the needs of candidates who are inexperienced in the travel industry.
  • Continuous development section for experienced travel professionals.
  • A program that is constantly updated and, therefore, never obsolete.
  • Registration fee among the most competitive in the industry for a training program, after the 6-month free period.



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