It’s #TravelWebcastWednesday

Today’s the day.

#TravelWebcastWednesday brings together industry leaders for a session on Responsible Travel Redefined.

Following the onset of COVID-19, the rapid shutdown of businesses and traffic brought a something of a reprieve to the natural world for a few quiet months as the world entered lockdown.

While many people around the world struggled to deal with the new reality, animal life briefly thrived in a cleaner, greener world. Destinations found the air was cleaner and some of the impacts of overtourism lessened.

It looked like an unexpected benefit for advocates of responsible tourism.

But was it?

Since then, the vastly reduced volume of travel has impacted the conservation efforts of responsible tourism operations, as funds from travellers dwindled to a trickle. What are some of the other effects on sustainable tourism that have been rendered by the pandemic?

In today’s #TravelWebcastWednesday session, four experts in responsible travel will respond to questions that include:

  • Will COVID-19 change the definition of sustainable travel?
  • Can sustainability goals set prior to the pandemic still be met?
  • Will COVID-19 even change the way that people travel responsibly?
  • And, as the reopening begins, will over-tourism rise to be an issue again?

Today’s session features a one-on-one session with Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation, the creators and operators of the TreadRight Foundation, whose prime directive is “Make Travel Matter.”

That will be followed by a panel discussion that features:

  • Cedar Swan, the CEO of Adventure Canada, specialists in responsible travel to Canada’s Arctic and East Coast
  • Rhea Simms, program manager Asia-Pacific for Planeterra, connecting social enterprises to the tourism marketplace
  • Jodi Manning, director of marketing for Cool Effect, a platform for the support of carbon-reducing projects around the world

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This is part of Baxter Media’s #TravelWebcastWednesday series, exploring the topics, trends and issues that matter most to Canadian travel agents and industry professionals right now.