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Jamaica connects with the visitor

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) reports that an increasing number of travellers are seeking authentic vacation experiences where they can connect with locals and embrace the destination’s culture, extending beyond the traditional resort and beach setting. The JTB’s (JTB) Meet the People Program caters to this growing need, allowing visitors to meet program ambassadors who share a common interest and who will provide them with an island experience only a local can supply. Today, the Meet the People Program has over 700 ambassadors and is offered free of cost. Once travel dates are confirmed, visitors are encouraged to sign up on the JTB’s web site,, or by contacting the nearest JTB office. A program coordinator will confirm arrangements with travellers as soon as they arrive in Jamaica. John Lynch, Jamaica’s director of tourism, observed: “Our Meet the People Program truly adds value to a visitor’s vacation by showing the product through authentic local experiences. Whether being invited to a cricket match or welcomed to a traditional Jamaican Sunday dinner, visitors will gain a new perspective of the island’s vibrant culture.”

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