Jamaica welcomes a record-breaking 2M visitors for 2024

Jamaica has welcomed a record two million visitors thus far in 2024, more than ever reported during the period of January to May.
The country’s final tourism data for 2023 also notes a record-breaking 4.1 million visitors and 25.5 per cent year-over-year increase in total visitation compared to 2022.
“Our recent tourism data is a testament to our ongoing resilience and support from our cherished partners,” said Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica. “This historic start to 2024, as well as last year’s notable rise in arrivals, is a result of our island’s vibrant spirit as well as various factors like additional airline seats, new hotel rooms, and growing interest from travellers around the world. To date, we have generated $1.9 billion in revenue this year and looking ahead, we are on track to bring almost $5 billion to our economy by 2025 – contributing directly to the prosperity of our island and people.”

Tourism growth for 2023

Following a significant bounce back in arrivals post-pandemic, travellers continued having their hearts set on the “One Love” island in 2023.
U.S. arrivals were up 16.2 per cent compared to 2022. All four major U.S. regions reported a large uptick in travelers headed to Jamaica, with the Midwest noting a 23.3% increase, the West 16.8 per cent, the South 15 per cent, and the Northeast 14.5 per cent. A majority of U.S. travellers hailed from New York, with more than 350,000 New Yorkers paying the island a visit. The Empire State’s Irie spirit was nearly matched by Floridians, 326,633 of whom visited in 2023.

2,000 new hotel rooms

Poised to have the one of the most ambitious tourism growth plans in the Caribbean, Jamaica will continue to see an influx of tourism.
The island plans to add more than 2,000 new hotel rooms, with new offerings from Princess, Hard Rock Hotels, Secrets and Viva Wyndham over the next two years.
“Through the consistent promotion of destination awareness and further expansion of attractions and experiences, Jamaica has maintained its positioning as the crown jewel of the Caribbean in this post-pandemic era,” said Donovan White, director of tourism, Jamaica. “Our friendly island has an outsized influence and will continue to welcome travellers worldwide.”