Jerusalem Opens Its Doors


Inspired by successful Open House events in London and New York City, Open House Jerusalem will open the doors to some of its most exclusive and unique spaces from Oct. 22-24.

Designer lofts, urban villas, unique synagogues, architectural marvels, curious construction sites and private gardens are among the spaces that will be open to the public free of charge.

Tours will include: A look at houses in the Old City dating back 500 years; Access to areas of the Sha’are Tzedek Hospital that are not accessible to the public; Underground visit of the site where the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train tunnel is being built; Backstage tour of the Jerusalem Theater; A unique view of the toy collection at the Israel Museum, which contains around 15,000 items including dolls, games and other childhood artifacts from different periods.

Note that while the Open House Jerusalem tours will be conducted in Hebrew, many of the events are simply “Open Houses” whereby participants can experience the spaces without commentary.