Jet Airways Honoured


India’s Jet Airways has been presented with the Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Award by the Humane Society International in recognition of the airline’s policy to enforce a ban on shipments of shark fins as cargo to curb the illegal trade.

“As responsible corporate citizens, we recognize the universal concern for the conservation of sharks and have stepped forward to lend our support to this important cause,” says Jet Airways Ceo Cramer Ball. “We hope that collective action against shark fin trade will ensure protection of our fragile marine ecosystem.”

“Through this award, we wish to honour Jet Airways for recognizing that sharks as apex predators are vital to a well-functioning marine ecosystem,” says N. G. Jayasimha, managing director, Humane Society International/India. “We are delighted to find that industry giants such as Jet Airways are making vital contributions towards the protection of animals. The decision made by Jet Airways to ban the shipment of shark fins as cargo has helped bolster shark protection measures both in the country and worldwide. In the coming years, we hope that more members of the industry and government shall follow in this golden example and make prudent decisions for the welfare of animals.”

The Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Awards acknowledge corporations, individual business people, and other innovators and entrepreneurs for their contributions to the advancement of animal welfare, and to inspire others to include humane concern for animals as a core aspect of corporate social responsibility.