JNTO hosts free ‘See and Sell’ webinars

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched a new educational program to bring the “Endless Discovery”of Japan one step closer to agents. Three 35-minute narrated webinars are now available at http://www.ilovejapan.ca/JapanTalks and cover Attractions and Cities in Part One, Culinary and Arts in Part Two, and Niche Markets Galore! in Part Three. Working with the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors, the JNTO webinars are available in English (narrated by the CITC’s Steve Gillick) and in French (narrated by Philippe Arseneau of JAL). Gillick describes the sessions as “visual feasts that will cover the essentials of sending a client to Japan, as well as some surprises that will inspire your clients to explore beyond the Tokyo and Kyoto areas.”In addition to the three new webinars, agents are invited to register for the Japan Travel Specialist Online Certification Program to further their knowledge about the country, as well as to take advantage of the support and benefits included in the program. Both the See and Sell Webinars and the Japan Travel Specialist program may be found at http://www.ilovejapan.ca .