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Industry Needs To Speak With One Voice

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As 2021 began, the travel industry received further blows with the new testing requirement for all air passengers and a lot of anti-travel public sentiment.

The industry continues to be in crisis and travel agencies and travel agents have incurred staggering losses. Travel agents will need continued aid and support from governments and regulators for some time to come before a full recovery is possible.

Brian Robertson, president, Canada West, Direct Travel Inc., said that: “If ever there was a time for a travel agency association to prove its worth, it was in 2020 and ACTA worked tirelessly throughout the year to bring aid and relief to travel agencies and agents.”

Robertson continued: “That work needs to continue as the government restrictions on travel continue – the latest being a requirement for a negative COVID test for all returning passengers.”

To that end, ACTA is asking all travel agents, independent contractors and travel agency owners to consider joining ACTA now – so that ACTA can continue to lobby on behalf of all travel agents and travel agencies.

ACTA president, Wendy Paradis said that: “Individual companies cannot effectively lobby governments or regulators. You need to organize to be heard. Yes, individual voices do also play a part in the lobbying efforts, but having one voice speak for the industry is essential.”

Standing together as a travel agency and travel agent community is key to receiving the much-needed recognition and financial support from the Canadian and Provincial governments – as well as the regulators.

ACTA will need to continue its intense lobbying efforts into 2021 to urge governments to recognize the delayed recovery of the travel industry and give extended supports.

Said Paradis: “We know that all travel agencies and travel agents are having to prioritize spending due to dramatically reduced revenues. But ACTA cannot exist without its members and we know that all travel agencies and travel agents have benefitted from our lobbying efforts in 2020.”

Paradis continued: “We are asking every travel agency and travel agent to please consider joining ACTA now, so that we can continue to fight for you in 2021.”

For agencies and agents, ACTA membership has many benefits, including:

  • Advocacy: ACTA will continue its intense lobbying efforts through 2021 and continue urging governments to recognize that the recovery of the travel industry will be slower than many others. It is lobbying to reduce the 14-day quarantine and ease travel advisory restrictions — in a safe and measured way.
  • Education and Certification: There are a wide variety of training and certification opportunities throughout the year aimed at growing your business and improving selling skills. Learn more at http://acta.ca/education.
  • Connecting the Travel Industry: ACTA will continue to provide innovative ways to connect the industry through virtual events and other social gatherings, until in-person events are possible again.
  • Promoting agents to consumers: Follow ACTA on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter and please be sure to “like” and share messaging promoting the value and services of a Travel Agent. Visit our consumer website www.Bookwithatravelagent.ca
  • ACTA Memberperks Program: ACTA members personally saved thousands of dollars in 2020 through the Memberperks program.  Check out https://acta.venngo.com where ACTA members can create an account to save on over 3,000 retailers, health and wellness, restaurants and travel.

ACTA membership also offers a number of money saving tools for businesses that include:

  • Credit Card Processing (Save on Merchant fees)
  • PCI Compliance – Save time and money becoming PCI compliant. ACTA’s online tool is the most cost effective and efficient way to get PCI compliant.
  • ACTA Protect insurance program – Save on employee benefits, Independent Travel Agents operating their own business, Home/Auto and E & 0 coverage.

To join, go to http://acta.ca/membership … and do it now …



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