Journey Into The History Of US Civil Rights With Trafalgar

To mark the beginning of Black History Month in North America, Trafalgar is launching Journey Along the Civil Rights Trail — a new itinerary for 2021/2022 which brings to life the struggles and triumphs, music and milestones, legends and heroes of the US Civil Rights Movement.

Trafalgar’s new itinerary highlights the significant events and acknowledges the people and icons involved in the ongoing fight for equality and freedom while enjoying the music, art and hospitality synonymous with America’s Southern states.

The trip focuses on the pioneers of the period, particularly Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., starting in Memphis where he was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel, and ending in Atlanta, the city of his birth. Along the way, clients will connect with local communities and meet a number of prominent activists and speakers who share their personal stories of growing up as Black Americans in the segregated South.

Across nine days, guests will visit key historical locations along The Mississippi Freedom Trail including Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, and just outside Greenwood, where the murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till at Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market in 1955 is widely recognized as being a catalyst for the movement.

Gavin Tollman, Global CEO of Trafalgar, said: “2020 made vividly clear just how harmful, hurtful, and deeply divisive racial inequality is and continues to be. Our eyes were again opened to the important work that still needs to be done and the stories that need to be told.”

Tollman continued: “It’s impossible to walk in someone’s shoes, however, I believe one of the best ways to broaden the mind and gain compassion and understanding is through travel. We’re in a privileged position to help tell these stories through this itinerary which recognizes the events and honours the people in these historic locations. It’s a journey of enlightenment, and one which I welcome clients to join against the backdrop of courageous characters, the context of history, Southern hospitality, and of course, music.”

The first departure of the trip is in September 2021, including eight nights’ hotel accommodation, 14 meals including a signature Be My Guest dining experience, all sightseeing experiences and local encounters as per the itinerary, transportation and the services of an expert Travel Director, Driver and Well-being Director team.

The trip will be operated in accordance with a rigorous set of enhanced hygiene, physical distancing and robust on-road protocols, adapting to and complying with all requirements by relevant government authorities. Trips with over 20 guests will be accompanied by a dedicated Well-being Director, an industry-first innovation from The Travel Corporation’s family of brands, ensuring daily adherence to all well-being protocols and extra peace of mind to clients.

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PHOTO Captions 

National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama – Credit – Travel South USA.

Clients will take a poignant walk across Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, the sight of the “Bloody Sunday” tragedy of March 7, 1965.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site in in Atlanta, GeorgiaCredit – Travel South USA.