Jumeirah Stays Different


Stay different may be a marketing slogan for Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, but it certainly described the Dubai-based company’s event in Toronto last night.

Held in elegant Casa Loma, close to 75 travel agents who sell Jumeirah’s high-end resorts, such as the famed Burj Al-Arab, were invited to a cocktail reception and the opportunity to mingle with representatives from 10 of the company’s worldwide properties.

However, beyond the typical food plates and exchange of information, the evening – co-sponsored by Emirates Airline – soon took a unique twist as guests were treated to what was dubbed a “one of a kind experience” in which conductor/symphonic music presenter Roger Nierenberg (pictured at the podium) not only led a small symphony performance, but used the experience to demonstrate principles of “communication, teamwork and leadership.”

Describing and demonstrating in depth how members of the orchestra interacted and depended on each other, as well as the conductor as leader, the affable Nierenberg easily passed on lessons that might used for success in the office. The guests not only sat among the musicians, but some were called on to help with the exercise, all helping the excellent event live up to its billing: “You’ve never experienced anything like this before!”